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 Merry Idiotmas (2009) RTTH chapter 6

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Merry Idiotmas (2009) RTTH chapter 6 Empty
PostSubject: Merry Idiotmas (2009) RTTH chapter 6   Merry Idiotmas (2009) RTTH chapter 6 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 9:36 pm

*In the kitchen*
Jacki: *baking up some cakes* I don't see why we just skip making more cakes and just feed you...* looks behind her and twitches* ARE YOU TWO GOING TO HELP ME ARE OR NOT?!?!

*Andrew and Whitney both look up with innocent smiles while covered in flour*

Jacki:* twitches more*And you wonder why I don't have parties at our house Andrew...

Andrew: * jumps to his feet and dust off the flour and clear his throat* She started

Whitney: DID NOT!

Andrew: DID TOO!!

Jacki: -.-'' *hits both with a wooden spoon on the head*

Whitney: @_@


Jacki: COME ON YOU TWO.. We have to have this stuff done before the party.

Whitney: BUTTTTT * gets hit in the head* @_@

Jacki: Don't even say " But Mommy"

Whitney: @_@ * on the floor knocked out*

Andrew: * evil grin* hehehe * then get hit on the head with a spoon* @_@ * falls down twitching*

Jacki: -.-''' Great

Megan: *pops up and shifty eyes and tries to dip her finger in the bowl of batter but just hit in the head with the spoon* @_@ AHH I'VE BEEN SPOTTED* vanishes*

Jacki: -.- kids!!!

Darren: * head pops out from the door* Yes?????

Sammie: * pops up right next to him* Mommy ^.^

Jacki: *growls and holds up a knife*

Both Sammie and Darren: O.O RUN!!!! * both darts out of the room screaming*


Whitney: *blinks* ouch me head

Andrew: * sits up rubbing his head* Remind me next time not to make her mad.

Whitney: Agreed ...o.o where is she?

*scream in the living room*

Andrew: O.O

*both dart into the living room and sees Lily beating up Darren*

Darren: * on the ground pretending to be dead*

Whitney: o.o * pokes with stick* Poke poke poke

Megan: * pops up out of nowhere and pokes with her*

Sammie:* pokes with them both*

Darren: BOO!

All three: *squeals then beats him with the sticks*

Darren: @_@ he he he

Jacki: Ok children present time

All four : PRESENTS??????

Andrew: First things first. *darts to the upsides bathroom*

Whitney: *blinks* o.o I don't like the feeling I am getting


Everyone but Jacki: *snoring*


Darren and Sammie: * pops up* SANTA?!?!?!

Andrew: * walks out* ^^ Why Yes!

Whitney: * burst into laughter* Since when is Santa Skinny???

Andrew: -.- ruin the fun

Whitney: ^^ you know it

Megan,Darren,and Sammie : *tackles Andrew* DID YOU BRING US PRESENTS SANTA!?!?!?!?!

Andrew: @_@

Jacki: OK kids leave Santa alone and get your presents

All three: *Darts off him and sits at the tree waiting for the presents to be handed out*

Jacki: *starts handing out presents*

Whitney: * opens the present quickly and squeals* YAY NEW GAME!!!!!!!!

Darren: * opens the present* ^^ yay art stuff!

Sammie: YAY!! PRANK KIT!!!!

Megan: ^^ yay new computer!

Andrew:* sits next to Jacki* where's my present???

Jacki: here * kisses him*

Andrew: AWW!!!

Jacki: ^^


Whitney: ^^ Hope every one has a great holiday

Darren: ^^ please be safe


Jacki: Yep



Whitney: From everyone from RTTH Team. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!
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Merry Idiotmas (2009) RTTH chapter 6
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