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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 9

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 9   Random Things That Happen Chapter 9 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:05 pm


Whitney: * walks out into the middle of the stage and clears her throat* Can I have some light here??.....Hello? Someone??....TURN ON THE BLASTED LIGHTS!!! * Spot light turns on* AHHH I AM BLINDED! * Hisses and darts off the stage really quick*

*5 minutes later*

Whitney: * walks back out and blinks* Um... Now back to what I was going to say....We ran into a small problem. We have been cancel until further notice.

Sammie: WAIT WAIT WAIT! *walks out on the stage* We are cancel? Since when??

Whitney: A couple weeks ago?


Whitney: * blinks while uncovering her ears with her hands* Yes we are canceling the show. Well the bosses are. But never the less we are finish. Done. Bye bye. Time to find new jobs.

Sammie: BUT ....wait.... Since when did we have bosses?

Whitney: While ago and plus it's not like a lot of people read this ... OR the fact we don't get payed for this.

Sammie: WE DON'T GET PAYED!! *growls and walks off the stage*

Whitney: o.o OH SHooooot.... * clears her throat* Well... uh... * hears screaming in the background* O.O ...* uneasy laugh*...
Sammie: * whistles while walking back out on the stage covered in blood* ^^ We still have jobs.

Whitney: o.o I am...so...not...going...to...ask....

Sammie: ^^ * walks back out*

Whitney: Uh... well.... ON WITH THE SHOW* bows and walks off*


Whitney: * sits on the couch reading a book*

Andrew: * walks behind the couch and looks at the cover* What's this? Reading a book that doesn't involve zombies?

Whitney: Zombie books aren't really that great. Besides I got some books that I've been dying to read.

Andrew: * blinks and yanks the book out of her hand* What is it?

Whitney: HEY!* grabs it back* If you really want to know it's a romance novel.

Andrew: O.O * fakes a heart attack and slumps over on the couch*

Whitney: -.-'' Am I not allowed to read them?

Andrew: You? HAHAHAHA * walks out of the house laughing*

Whitney: -.- I need to get those locks changed.


Sammie: * playing a game*

Megan: * pops in and shifty eyes* HEY!!!

Sammie: O.O * jumps couple inches off the couch* X.X Hi

Megan: * jumps on the couch* What cha doing???????

Sammie: Playing a game. Why?

Megan: Noooooooo reasonnnnnnn. Where's Whitney?

Sammie: At the bookstore again.

Megan: OH!* blinks then stares at her*

Sammie: * twitches a little* Yes?

Megan: Nothing.

Sammie: Then why are you staring at me?

Megan: No reason.

*10 minutes later*

Megan: * keeps staring*

Sammie: * growls* WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME!!!!!

Megan: * innocent smile then darts off*

Sammie: * blinks then reaches for her bag of chips* HEY!!!

*In the backyard*

Megan: Got the chips?

ChibiRose: Yes... Yes I do... * evil laughter*


Whitney: * pasted out on the couch*

Sammie: * crawls on the ground trying to be quiet then bumped into the chair knocking it down*

Whitney: * yawns and rolls over*

Sammie: * looks at her then keeps crawling toward the kitchen but her foot gets caught on the phone cord knocking the phone over with the phone books and quickly tenses up*

Whitney: * keeps on sleeping*

Sammie: *blinks then shrugs and gets the kitchen to find the cabinets locks* DAMN IT!!... o.o meep* dives under the table*

Whitney: * rolls over and mumbles*

Sammie: o.O * crawls out from under the table. Grabs on the lock and tries pulling it off and flies off landing on the table breaking it* DAMN IT AGAIN!!!.......>_< * hides again*

Whitney: * sniffles and keeps mumbling*

Sammie: * starts up a blow torch and tries cutting it with no luck* Grrr * grabs an ax and hatch away at the cabinet only not to work out.* o.O what the hell??? * blinks and looks at the key ring holders and twitches* -.- really? * Grabs the key and unlocks the lock* YES!* sneezes lightly*


Sammie: o.O


*In the mall*

Sammie: Gah! There's nothing to do here!

Whitney: * walks right next to her* I know * takes two step and her flip flop flies off* >_< I am getting sick of that!

Sammie: HAHAHAHAHA! I am enjoying this!

Whitney: * walks up and puts the shoe back on and only to have the other one fly off* >_< GAHHHHHHHH

Sammie: Ever thought of glueing them on?

Whitney: Knowing my luck they still fly off. * walks up to the flip flop and slides it back on* Lets go before I get mad at them.

Sammie: I still say you should to that.

Whitney: Yeah yeah * the first one slides off again* GAH!!! THAT'S IT!!! * kicks the other one off and goes flying in the air and hits a mall cop in the head*

Sammie: O.O I think that's enough shopping for one day.

Whitney: O.O I agree... Run?

Sammie: o.o run

Both: * darts out of the mall really fast*
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 9
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