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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 14

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 14   Random Things That Happen Chapter 14 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:34 pm


Jason: -.- I guess I am getting payed for this. So welcome To "What Room". Where I guess we go around and look at the cast member's houses and rooms....Why! I don't know..

Random person: *whispers* Need more ratings!!

Jason: -.-'''

Random person: So mo GAHHH *pure silence*

Jason: O.O

Sammie: * shifty eyes and slinks off dragging the body behind her*

Jason: o.o That's another reason why I lock my door when I sleep. Well then * clears his throat* Eh....How am I suppose to start this?

Sammie: * darts out with a bloody outfit and hands him a script* ^.^ Here you go

Jason: O.O


Jason: Sam...Should I ask?

Sammie: * blinks looks at her outfit* ^.^ Nope * walks back out*

Jason: O.o o....k...then..... * read the script* THIS IS FOR YOUR SPECIAL!!!!!!!!

Sammie: Oops that's right the bosses didn't hire a writer for you ^.^ something about zombies don't need help or something along those lines.

Jason: -.- You the offed the writers too..

Sammie: NEVER!!! I mean >.> No * darts off laughing*

Jason: -.-''' WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO BE DOING!!!!! -.- Lovely way to start my special. Bloody girl and dead people. Whelp that ends the first and most likely the last "What Room" -.-

Whitney: (In the distant) CLEAN FREAK!!!!

Jason: * yells back* I AM NOT A CLEAN FREAK!!!!

Creepy Feelings Again!!!

Whitney: * staring at the tv while playing a game*

Jason: * yawns while coming out of his bedroom* o.O Aren't you suppose to be at work??

Whitney: Can't..

Jason: Why?

Whitney: Fog

Jason: Can't be that bad* Walks over to the glass door and pulls back the curtains* O.o ok...I was wrong


Whitney: Most places are closed or are shutting down early..

Jason: So where are the two kids?

Whitney:KIDS? * does a weird face but eyes never leave the screen* OH! Them two. Oddly enough the only place that isn't closed or shutting down is their school...


Sammie: * death gripping the seat* I DON'T WANT TO DIEEEEEEEE

Aron: * hiding under the seat* I DON'T WANT TO DIE!.....AGAIN!!!!


Jason:* flops down next to her and watches what she is play* What is this game??

Whitney: Silent Hill 2...Why???

Jason:* blinks* I didn't know you was into this game..

Whitney: I am not really. I just got this game back from my sister.

Jason: o.O There is another member of your family that plays this?

Whitney* bounces in her seat* Two really!

Jason: * blinks in total shock*


Both: O.O


Jason: o.O

Whitney: >.> I mean <.< Why don't you go check it out????

Jason: Why me?If you are soo scared why don't you?

Whitney: * jabs him in side after pausing the game* Because rule of horror: 1. if there a sound don't go to it.

Jason: Then why are you sending me?

Whitney: Because you are already dead ^.^

Jason: -.- I hate you

Ghost: * pops up out of nowhere* BOO!

Whitney: O.O *screams*

Jason: X.x* thinks he has gone deaf*

Ghost: SHEES!! What her problem!

Jason: There was a loud bang a few minutes ago.

Ghost: Oh that? Yea the new neighbors is here.

Both: o.o new neighbor?

Ghost: Yeah he just moves in yesterday. I heard about him coming over today.

Jason: You was spying to see if it was a girl.


Whitney: You found out the hard that the new neighbor is a guy?

Ghost: NO! ... yes.. But he has a hot nurse with him.

*Knocking at the door*

Whitney: Got it! * opens the door* O.O uh...oh...MONSTERRRRRRRRRRR* runs away and darts up stairs to her room*

Jason: * blinks* Erm * turns around and sees what she see* O.O * darts off into his room and locks the door*

Ghost: -.- Sorry about that they aren't use to seeing people like you...Odd considering the friends she hangs out with.. ^.^ SO how is your sexy gf.

Neighbor: * swings his weapon at ghost*

Ghost: O.O That would hurt if I wasn't already dead!


Sammie: * walks from the lunch line and sits down in a empty then starts eating her lunch*

Aron: * sits right next to her* HEY!

Sammie: O.O *twitches* What do you want??

Aron: It's called getting even for math class...

Sammie: * glares at him* what are you planning on doing?

Aron: * grins grabbing some food off her plate and throws it at a random person*


Random Person:OMG WHO THREW THAT!!!!!

Aron: * points to Sammie*

Random Person * throws a slice of pie back*

Sammie: * ducks*

Aron: * too busy laughing to notice and gets hit in the face with the pie* O.O

Sammie: * burst into laughter and points but gets her jello cake dumped over her head* O.O

Another Random Person: FOOD FIGHT!!!!


Whitney: * is playing a game again*

Jason: * cleaning up the mud print left by the neighbor*

Ghost: Told you he wasn't that bad.

Whitney: * completely ignoring him*

Ghost: * waves his hand in front of her* Yooohoooo

Jason: Good luck nothing gets her out of that.

* Phone rings*

Whitney: O.O * jumps having the controller fly out of her hands and goes through Ghost*

Ghost: -.- It's just the phone idiot!

Jason: * picks it up* Hello??

Other line: * talking very very fast*

Jason: Yes this is the right number.

Other line: * talking fast still*

Jason: THEY DID WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Other line* talking fast still *

Jason: Ok then we will be there in a few. *hangs it up* You would never guess who called.

Whitney: * looks at him oddly* Who????

Jason: That was the school they called to say Aron started a food fight.

Whitney: Well sucks to be him ^.^

Jason: -.-



Whitney: * sitting at her desk filing paper work when the intercom makes a static sound* O.O

Intercom: You a visitor. Shall I let them in?

Whitney: * is recovering from the small heart attack* yes you can x.x

* doors opens up*


Andrew: Relax you're boss isn't here.

Whitney: o.o Doesn't matter!!! People talk Andrew. PEOPLE TALK!!!!

Andrew: Relax! I don't look like I am a dead person! No one is going to know I am a zom

Boss:* door flies open quickly* I heard a dead person in the building!

Andrew: bie o.o Damn you wasn't joking about people talking

Whitney: * is bashing her head against the desk* WHY ME WHY ME WHY ME WHY ME!!!!!

Boss: So the rumors are true. You do know zombies!

Whitney: O.O HIM??? NO HE IS A.......STALKER YEAH THAT'S IT!!!

Andrew: -.- Gee I am loved

Boss; * pokes Andrew* Amazing! How did you train him to talk?

Whitney: T~T I didn't he knew how to talk when I found him.

Boss: Wow a smart zombie. I thought they was a myth!!!

Whitney: * mumbles* he is far from smart

Andrew: I HEARD THAT!!!!

Boss: SO I have a question..

Whitney: * is hiding under her desk freaking out*

Boss: Those two guys that are in your house are zombies as well?

Andrew: Nope they are half dead people ^.^ I am the real deal!

Whitney: * pretending to be dead under her desk*

Boss: Amazing... Is there any more of you guys?

Andrew: I don't know really. But she like in the magic district of town ^.^ Sooo maybe ^.^ She has a ghost as a housemate.

Boss: o.O You do?

Whitney: x.x

Andrew: Er.. she fainted I think..

Boss: Well.. HOW would you like to be the mascot of the building*

* Loud thud coming from under the desk*

Whitney: @_@ hehehe look at the pretty stars

Andrew: o.o

Boss: Don't worry the desk isn't that hard enough to do damage.

Andrew: o.o Ok?

Boss: * shakes his hand rather quickly* Congratulations o.o

Andrew: * arms pops off* Damn it all!!! Have to ask my wife to fix that again.

Boss: o.o well...My boy you have the job now!!! Shape up good and dress zombieish clothes you are our new mascot!!!!

Andrew: o.o But

Boss:* already gone*



Jacki: * just got their kid to sleep and coming down stair* o.O

Andrew: * is in the living room juggling*

Jacki: Should I ask?

Andrew: I am a mascot now!

Jacki: O.o

Andrew: What? * the juggle ball slips and bounce off the floor with force hitting him in the face* @_@

Jacki: * bites her lip trying not to laugh at him*

Andrew: >_<


Jacki: * cleaning the dinner room*

Andrew: * In the background on a unicycle while juggling*

Jacki: * Gets an odd feels and looks behind her* o.O

*Nothing is there*

Jacki:* shrugs and goes back to cleaning*

Andrew: * still on the unicycle but juggling knives now*

Jacki: * gets the weird feeling again and looks back her seeing nothing there again* o.O * goes back to cleaning the table*

Andrew: * humming while on a unicycle while juggling tennis balls*

Jacki: * quickly turns around* O.O ANDREW!!!

Andrew: Uh? GAH * loses his balance and falls* @_@

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Random Things That Happen Chapter 14
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