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 RTTH Chapter 16 Halloween Special (2010)

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PostSubject: RTTH Chapter 16 Halloween Special (2010)   RTTH Chapter 16 Halloween Special (2010) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:49 pm


Jacki: -.- I can understand why we are dress up but...* looks behind her* Why are you guys dressed up! * looks at the group of people behind her dressed up*

Whitney: ^.^ * is in a Greek goddess outfit* ^.^ Because it's fun!!!

Jacki: -.-

Jason: Why Am I bring dragged along??? * is stuck wearing a generic zombie costume*

Sammie: * wearing a sexy witch outfit* ^.^ Because it's fun!!!! Like what she said!

Aron: * twitches a bit* Why me!!!* is being dragged by a leash in a dog suit* WHY!!! * gets hit on the head with a stick*

Sammie: HUSH!!!!!!!

Jacki: * twitches*

Megan: * flies by on a broom stick* ELLO!!!!

Whitney: ^.^ HEYA!!!!

Sammie: * blinks* o.o you a witch too this year???

Megan: o.o noo I just got out of school XD

Whitney: XD

*Jacki and Andrew is already down the street*

Whitney; O.o * just realized they are gone*

Sammie: * is beating Aron with a stick* BAD!!!

Cesar: * pops up out of nowhere* HIYA!!

Whitney: x.x * pretends she dies and falls into a pile of leaves*

Cesar: o.O

Whitney: * pops up behind him* BOO!!!

Cesar: O.O * darts down the room screaming* AHHHHHHHHH

Whitney: ^.^

Jason: >.> That was mean.

Whitney: <.< So?


* Group passes by a grave yard*

Whitney: o.O why are we going by a graveyard????

Aron: * pokes her* Scared???

Whitney: * death glare* I am not! I live with two zombies and a ghost!!

Sammie; * in a background jumping* AND ME!!!

Whitney: AND HER...wait >_< You aren't scary!

Sammie: * holds up a chainsaw*

Whitney: o.o ok you are

Sammie: YES!! * dances around with her chain saw*

Whitney: o.o

Jason: o.O

Aron: * trying to get the leash off him*

Sammie: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!!

Whitney: * twitches* Why are we going this way?

Jason: It's a short cut to home that's why

* In the background Sammie is chasing Aron with a chainsaw*

Whitney: Can't we just go around it like normal people?!?!?

Jason: Have you looked at us lately? We are far from normal!

Megan: * pops up out of nowhere* HALT!!

Jason: o.o We wasn't going anywhere yet.

Megan: >.> I knew that * clears her throat* NONE SHALL WALK IN THE GRAVE YARD PASS DARK!!!

Whitney: So we can only going at the graveyard at night?

Megan: Yes wait..what? NO I was saying you can't go in at night.

Whitney: But you said "pass night" Pass night is day so technically we can go through he grave yard with no issues.

Megan: nooo you can't no way no how!!

Whitney: But you are standing in the graveyard?

Megan:.. ...... . ....DAMN IT!! * vanishes*

Whitney: I WIN!!!!

Jason: * is already in the grave yard*

Whitney: O.O * darts after him* WAIT I AM IN A DRESS!!!!

* 15 minutes later in a creepy forest*

Whitney: * death gripping Jason's arm*

Jason: x.x I can't feel my arm

Sammie: * is dragging Aron by the leash*

Aron: x.x ack!!!

Sammie: You know where we are going??

Jason: Yes I do* points* See there is the house.

Whitney: o.o I don't remember us living next to a forest

Jason: o.o Because that's not the house...Damn it I was sure this was the right way..

Whitney: * pushes him down the hill* WELL ASK WHERE WE ARE!!!

Jason: * tumbles down the hill* DAMNNNNN ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

* Rustling sound in the bushes*

Whitney: o.o Please tell me you heard that

Sammie: O.O yes I did...

Whitney: o.o Should we ....

* low growl*

Both girls: RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * both dart down the hill*

Aron: * still being dragged behind them* X_X

* Catches up to the tumble rolled Jason*

Jason: Took you three long enough.

Whitney: x.x * gasping for air* Please can we get...home....

Jason: * is already at the house then knocks on the door*

Whitney: -.- I hate you

Sammie: * puppy eyes* YOU hate me?!?!?!

Whitney: o.o I love youuu

Sammie: ^.^ YAY * death squeezes her*

Whitney: X.x can't breathe!!!!

Sammie: * drags both of them*

Whitney: x.x

Aron: X_X

Jason: * knocks on the door again*

Whitney: * hides by Jason * Who you think lives here???

Jason: Don't know.. And why are you hiding?

Whitney: Sammie trying to kill me I think.

Sammie: * threatening Aron with the chain saw again*

Aron: * trying to climb up a tree for his dear life*

Jason: Just calm down.

*Door opens*

Both of them: O.O MONSTERRRR * then darts off*

*A very confused neighbor blinks then shrugs*

Whitney: * grabs Sammie by her shirt and darts off*

Sammie: ACK! * drags Aron by the leash*


Jason* climbs over the fence*

Aron: O.O * climbs over the fence with no problem*

*other side*

Jason: o.o where the girls?!?!?!

Aron: Who cares! * gets hit in the head with a stick* @_@

Sammie: Gee Thanks for saving us!

Whitney: Remind me never to ask you to save us!

Jason: o.o how you guy got over the fence???

Whitney: * points to the door*

Both guys: * feels stupid*


*All four heads to the house and walking into the house*

Whitney: tired tired tired tired tired

Jason: x.x reason why I don't go out on Halloween!!!

Sammie:Ok time to put out the dog for the night.

Aron: o.O dog?!?!?!

Sammie: * drags Aron out and throws him out*

Aron: o.o * scratches at the door* LET MEEEE INNN!!* lets out a howl*

Whitney: Why are you going to be.. Know what never mind* Walks into her bed room to go to sleep*

Jason: I agree* goes into his room and passed out*

Sammie: OH YEAH!!! WELL I AM GOING TO…to…..to…watch a movie ^.^

*Around Midnight*

Aron: * sitting on the ground mumbling*I ain't no dog * looks up* hey it's a full moon..* just realized he is talking to no one* I feel weird.. like..grr * howls at the moon*

Sammie:*in the house and watches a movie then hears a howl in the backyard*O.O MOMMYYY!!! * darts into Whitney's and dives into her bed* SAVE ME!!!

Whitney: o.o What's worng Sam?

Sammie: There something in the backyard!

Whitney: It's Aron. Or you forgot?

Sammie: * puppy eyes* Can you please look.

Whitney: *twitches*

Sammie: pleaseeee

Whitney: Fine * gets up and grabs a bat and walks down stairs*

Sammie: o.o * standing behind her*

Whitney: * gets to the glass door and pulls back the curtain* O.O

Sammie: O.O

Aron: * Had turned into a werewolf and looks at them*

Both girls: O.O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* darts into Jason's room and dives under his bed*

Jason: O.O * notice the bed moves after after hearing the girl's scream* Whats wrong you two?

Both:* freaking out* ARON IS A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!

Jason: * twitches* There is no such thing as a werewolf.

Whitney: Yeah then there isn't such thing as a zombie!!! But explain how I have two as roommates?!?!?!

Jason: -.- OK you win. However, there is no such thing as..

Aron: * howls loudly*

Jason: O.O OK* dives under the bed with the girls*

Megan: * pops up out of nowhere* THAT IS RIGHT! YOU CUTE FLUFFY DOG IS A WEREWOLF!!!!

Whitney: Told you that you shouldn't have made him dress as a doggy.

Sammie: * looks at her* And??

Aron: * claws at the door and howls again*

All four: O.O

Megan: I AM GONE! *vanishes*

Girls:* death gripping each other* WE'RE GOING TO DIEEEEEEE

Jason: o.o How you think I am going to feel?!?! I AM ALREADY DEAD!!!!

Whitney: T^T then protect us!!!!

Jason: Heck no!!!

*Jason bedroom door breaks down*

All three: O.O

Aron: * growls while walking around in the room*

All three: o.o

Aron: * looks under the bed and growls*


Jason: O.O

Aron:* attacks*

Girls: * darts out leaving Jason behind*

Jason: EVIL!!!

*10 minutes later*

*girls hiding in the towel clothes*

Whitney: o.o We are screwed

Sammie: o.o yes we are!!!!

*A shadow stops in front of the door*

Girls: O.O

*Door flies open and nothing happens*

Girls: * death gripping each other and screaming loudly*

??: I can't believe they fell for that!

???: Told you!!!

Whitney: o.O * looks up and see Aron and Jason*

Sammie: O.o

Aron: * still looking like a werewolf* ^.^

Jason: You are evil …and most likely dead.

Aron: * shrugs and sees a rather ticked off Sammie*

Sammie: YOU ARE DEAD!!!!!!!!! *chases Aron with an ax*

Aron: * runs off yelling*


Jason: * blinks*

Whitney: O.O


Whitney: ^.^ Have fun for this year!

Sammie: >.> and watch out who you prank..

Aron: * is hanging upside down from a tree tied up with ropes*

Jason: So here is wish you all..

Megan:* pops up out of nowhere* HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!
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RTTH Chapter 16 Halloween Special (2010)
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