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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 17

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 17   Random Things That Happen Chapter 17 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:52 pm


Jason: * cleaning the living room*

Sammie: * comes out to Whitney's room wearing a hazmat suit* Yep she sick! * puts hazard tape around the door* NO ONE ENTERS!!

Whitney: * opens her door and leans against the door frame* You honestly think I am sick? It's just my sinus acting up.

Sammie: NEVER THE LESS!!! You are not allowed to leave you room!!!

Whitney: I am standing out of the room right now...

Sammie:..DAMN IT * darts up stair to her room*

Whitney: * twitches and coughs a little* Gah!!!

Jason: * watches* Don't even think about it!!

Whitney: * flops on the couch with a blanket falling on her* mmmm

Jason: T^T I just got done cleaning!!!!

Whitney: Clean...* pass out*

Jason: -.-'' Lovely!!! * hears sneezing upstairs*

Sammie: DAMN IT!!!!! >_<

Jason: T^T


Whitney: * sniffles and coughs while standing on stage* Well since we need more things here I guess Welcome to " Jobs that the crew shouldn't do" * sniffles and sneezes* GAH!! So first job... * points to a Jason dressed up in a dress* SPIN THAT WHEEL!!!

Jason: * twitches* Why me?

Whitney: Just do it!!!

Jason: * twitches and spins the wheel* Yeah yeah

Whitney: Alright the crew member is * wheel stop* Sammie!! And her job is... SPIN THE OTHER WHEEL!!!!

Jason: * spins the other wheel* there happy?

Whitney: ^.^ yes sir!!! And her job for the day issss.........* looks at the wheel* A sale's clerk at a high fashion store ^.^

Sammie: * pops up out of no where has makeup smeared on her face and outfit with a wind blown look* >_< I am never going to do this again!!!!!



Sammie: ^.^ Hello today I am going to to a one day job for this new installment soo.. ^.^ Let go!!

*1:40 pm*

Sammie: ^.^ Welcome To


Sammie: o.o


Sammie:* working at the perfume counter* @_@ Why me!!

Costumer 2: Hello May I sample this bottle?

Sammie: ^.^ Of coarse! Just let me get. * pulls out a slip* Spary it on this slip and you can smell it.

Costumer:*tries spraying it but doesn't work* Excuse me? I don't think this is working?

Sammie:* blinks and tries to get it to work* It was working a few second ago * looks at it and sprays in her face* GAHHH MY EYES!!! * Runs around the area screaming*

Costumer 2: Omg! *sniffs the bottle* Ew this doesn't smell good. *walks away*

Sammie:* on the ground in pain*


Sammie:* is half blind and twitches working at the makeup area*

Costumer 3: Excuse me?

Sammie; ^.^ Yes? How may I help you??

Costumer 3: Well I like to get this color of eyeshadow so I was wondering if you have this?

Sammie: Yes but in storage I'll have to go get it ok? Just wait here


Sammie: o.o * walks around trying to find the eyeshadow* Where are youuuuuuuuuu

* something falls with a crashing sound*

Sammie: O.O

* shadow runs past her*

Sammie: o.o hello?

*shadow walks up to her*

Sammie: O.O *screams*

*20 minutes later*

Costumer 3: * waits and blinks*

Sammie: * dragging herself across the floor* Is.. this the color?

Costumer 3: Oh no far from the color.. Come on kids * walks off with the kids that attacked her in the storage*

Sammie: T^T


Whitney: *coughs* Well that ends today show ^.^

Sammie: * cleaning a bloody knife*

Whitney: o.o you killed the bosses again.....didn't you?

Sammie: ^.^


Whitney:* is half dead on the couch while snoring*

Jason: * stares off at the TV*

*Loud crash echos through out the house*

Whitney: O.O

Jason: o.O

Sammie: IT'S SNOWINGGGG!!!!!!

Whitney: OH GOD NO!!!!!* some how leaps over the coffee table and darts into her room*

Aron:* darts down stair only to fall down them*

Sammie:* darts off and leaps over him* SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!* scurries off and basically plasters herself into the glass doors to the backyard* o3o

Aron: * gets up and darts to the door too*

Jason: -.- I just cleaned those!!

* within seconds them two are dressed in snow outfit and dart outside leaving the door open*

Jason: * twitches* DAMN YOU KIDS!!!


Jacki: Hey can you go check the mail??

Andrew: *blinks* o.o ok??

Jacki: Don't forget about the snow.

Andrew: o.o snow?? * looks out the window* O.O

*10 minutes later*

Jacki: * blinks trying to figure out where he has gone* Andrew?Andrewwwww....* walks into the kitchen* Andr....*blinks*

Andrew:* is on the ground unable to move in the snow suit* Al ittle help here??

Jacki: * twitches*

*5 minutes later*

Andrew: *walking outside and mumbles* o.o what that?? * sees something in the snow* O.O * leans forward .....and falls into a snow pit* AHHHHHHHH

*20 minutes later*

Jacki: * in the kitchen working on the dish*

Andrew: * walks in half frozen* h...h...h...here's the m...m...m....mail....

Jacki: * blinks* What happen?? The mailbox is only a 2 minute walk...

Andrew: Cold...evil...snow...pit....stuck...frozen......

Mission 3: Puma meets ChibiRose!!

Puma: * sleeping on the couch*

ChibiRose: * walks around and notice puma sleeping on her spot* GRR* jumps up there and pokes the cat in the nose* HEY YOU!

Puma: * looks up in a half sleep state*

ChibiRose: You are in my spot! I would like you remove yourself!

Puma: * has gone back to sleep*

ChibiRose: * kicks him in the butt* Wake up you you you ..BEAST!!!!

Puma: * rolls over and kicks her off the couch*

ChibiRose: EEK!!!! * falls off the couch*

Puma: * stretches out then gets up and walks off*

ChibiRose: * growls* stupid....cat...beast....thing......
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 17
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