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 RTTH 18: Christmas Again? (2010)

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PostSubject: RTTH 18: Christmas Again? (2010)   RTTH 18: Christmas Again? (2010) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:59 pm


Jason: * whistles while decorating the tree*

Whitney: * is sitting on the couch in layers of blankets*

Sammie: * pops up behind the couch and shifty eyes* HEY!

Whitney: o.o * blinks and looks at her* Yes???

Sammie: * innocent smile*

Jason: * looks over* I don't like that grin missy.

Sammie: * puppy eyes* I was just wondering if me and Aron can make a gingerbread house since I saw the package in the kitchen.

Jason: o.O

Sammie: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jason: FINE!

Sammie: * squeals happily and darts off laughing*

Jason: -.- I am going to regret that

Whitney: NOT MY FAULT!!!!!

*In the kitchen*

Sammie: * gets all the stuff out of the box* ^.^ Ok ready?!?!

Aron: * looks at her as if she's lost her mind*

Sammie: * smacks him in the head with a wooden spoon* BAD!!

Aron: * grabs his head and growls*

Sammie: WORK!!!!!

* 12 minutes later*

*In the living room*

Whitney: * is playing a game*

Jason: * just finished working on the tree and sits down*


Both : o.o

Jason: * jumps up and runs into the kitchen* GOD DANG IT!!!

Whitney: * stands up and walks over then starts laughing hard*

* Sammie is covered in frosting, Aron has a gingerbread house smashed over his head and the kitchen has frosting,candy and ginger bread crumbs everywhere*

Jason: T~T

Whitney: * takes a picture* Yeah this is going in the photo album


Jason: * walks into Whitney's room* Hey wake up we have pictures being taken in 2 hours.

Whitney: * mumbles*

Jason: Now!! You have 5 minutes to get up before I rip those covers off.

Whitney: O.O * sits up quickly*

Jason: Thank you * walks out and goes up stairs and knocks on Aron's door* Hey time to get up.

Aron: * mumbles*

Jason: * opens the door* Aron com....O.O

Aron: * is half hanging off the bed drooling*

Jason: * blinks walks in and opens the curtains*

Aron: O.O * hisses* THE LIGHT!!!!!!

Jason: You're a zombie not a vampire* Mumbles* Get up pictures in 2 hours * walks out*

Aron: * growls*

Jason: * walks down the hall to Sammie's door then stop* o.o

Ghost: * walks through his door and walks downstairs* MARTHA WHERE'S MY COFFEE*

Whitney: I AM NOT MARTHA!!!

Jason: * blinks more* Ooooooo ok then * knocks on Sammie's door* Come on time to get up* walks in* Sam??

Sammie: * sleeping sideways in her bed*

Jason: o.O Am I the only normal person in this house??

???: Hardly!

Jason: * jumps*

???: Hey watch what you are stepping!!!

Jason: * looks down* Good morning ChibiRose are you coming to get pictures taken with us?

ChibiRose: Maybe!

Jason: Are you?

ChibiRose: ....yes...

Jason: Ok breakfast is ready down stair*

ChibiRose: YAY!! pancakes pancakes pancakes* darts out*

Jason: * rolls his eyes and shakes Sammie* Wake up

Sammie; *mumbles rolls over smacking him in the face*

Jason: >_< o.o ^.^ * whispers* poptarts

Sammie: * jumps up* pop tarts?? * darts down stairs* XD

Jason: o.O Ok yes I am the only normal on in this household * blinks and sees Puma*

Puma: * stares*

Jason: o.o You scare me

Whitney:* downstairs yells* PUMA!! MILK!!!

Puma: * darts off*

Jason: * blinks*


Jason: * walks in* o.o * sees the piles of dishes in the sink* >_< Can't people do dishes once in awhile?!?!

Whitney: If we had it my way we'll be using paper plates* glares*

Jason: -.-

Whitney: What? We don't own a dish washer!

Jason: * makes I'll strangle you look*

Whitney: TRY IT!!!

* 2 hours later**At a photo shoot place thingy XD*

Whitney: T^T it's cold!!!!!!!

Jason: Oh it only be an hour then we can leave.

Sammie: * smacking Aron on the head*

Aron: * is smacking back*

Jason: * twitches*

ChibiRose: * sitting on Whitney's lap pouting* WHY MUST I WEAR THIS BOW!!!

Whitney: ^.^ Because it's cute!!!

ChibiRose: I hate you....

Whitney: AWW I LOVE YOU TOO * squeezes her tightly*

Jason: * blinks* o.o why are you all still in your pjs?

All: *blinks* ^.^ because we can

Jason: * points* DRESS NOW!!!

* 20 minutes later*

Whitney: * huffs fixing her red sweater* >_< So glad wearing a black tank top under this!

Sammie: * sitting on the ground playing with ChibiRose* ^.^

Whitney; o.o where did you get that outfit????

Sammie:030 * grins * What my lime green hoodie?? and Black skirt >.> A fan??

Whitney: LIAR!!!!

Aron: *walks out of bathroom with still messy hair*

Both girls: o.o * burst into laughter*

Aron: -.- I hate you!! * wearing a powder blue vest and white long sleeve under it* T^T

Jason: * fixes his purple shirt* Lovely look like a rainbow.

Whitney: Why are we doing thing? * fixes ChibiRose pink bow to match her dress*

ChibiRose: * is trying to bite her fingers off*

Jason: ^.^ It's a nice thing to do.

Whitney: * goes to say something* o.o Andrew

Andrew: * blinks and shifty eyes* Yes??

Whitney: o.O Jacki dragged you??

Andrew: NEVA!!!

Jacki: * in the room* ANDREW!!!

Andrew: o.o COMING!! *darts back in to the room*

All : blinks*

*front door opens*

Whitney: COLD!!! * hides behind Jason*

Megan: ^.^ HELLO!!!!!

Whitney: * looks from behind him and wave* ELLO!!!

Megan: o.o why you here??

Whitney: * points at Jason* HIS IDEA!!!!! And you??

Megan:^.^ Taken pictures with me boyfriend>.>

Whitney: o.o

Ghost: * pops up out of nowhere* HEYA!!

Whitney: X_X

Ghost: XD

Jason: Thought you wasn't coming?

Ghost: Wasn't >.> But I wanted to see how it turned out<.<

Megan: Thought Ghost couldn't get their pictures taken..

Ghost: LIES!!!!! ^.^

*15 minutes later in a room*

Person: Get in the pose you want.

* Jason and Aron standing next to each other Whitney sitting down with ChibiRose on her lap Sammie standing behind Whitney, Ghost isn't in the picture*

Person: Ready?

Aron: You look so stupid...

Sammie: * death glares *

* as soon as the picture is taken Aron and Sammie start smacking each other in the face both Whitney and ChibiRose are laughing their full heads off and Jason has his palm to his face*

Ghost: XD

Jason: >_< Kids!!!!


Megan: * whistles while decorating the tree*

???: * glares at her feet from under the couch*

Megan: O.o * gets the feeling she's being watched then shrugs it off*

???: * slowly creeps up on her feet*

Megan: o.o

???: MMMMRRRREEOOOOOWWWWWW* attacks her feet*

Megan: * squeals and falls down* SNARFICUS!!!!!!

Snarficus: * gnaws on her foot*

Megan: *holds her foot up * -.-'''

Snarficus: * keeps gnawing on foot*


Whitney: * walks out on the stage in a Santa suit* ^.^ Ello everyone I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year of stuns and painful reminders of why RTTH is still up. XD For the fans who read. . . .

Sammie: * walks out in a Mrs.Claus outfit* What are you doing???

Whitney: o.o Was thanking people for making this year fun and worth..

Sammie: No no no no the outfit!

Whitney: .>.> The Christmas party... Remember I pulled the card to dress like Santa?

Sammie: >.> <.< I just thought it was a prize thing XD

Whitney: At least you aren't dressed up like deers XD

Aron: * in the background* I HATE YOU!!!

Whitney: Can I finish?

Sammie: ^.^ Of coarse

Whitney: As I was saying, I like to thank the crew for dealing with the stupid ideas that pop up in my head. I would also like to thank . . .

Aron: How come I have to wear the deer outfit!!!

Whitney: * twitches*

Sammie: Because you pulled it out of the hat so deal with it!!

Aron: But Jason didn't have to dress up!!!

Sammie: LIKE HELL!!

Jason: * twitches at the fact he is wearing an elf outfit*

Whitney: *twitches* CAN I PLEASE FINISH!!!

Both: o.o yes?

Whitney: THANK YOU!!! I would also like to wish every one a . . .

Megan: * runs by being attacked by Scarficus*

Snarficus: * chasing after her*


Andrew: AHHHHHHH!!! * being chased by his wife and kid*

Jacki: *Chasing after him with a snowball in her hand and kid in the other*

Whitney: o.o

Ghost: * pops up* ooooOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOoooo I am the Ghost of Christmas Past..

Whitney: T~T

ChibiRose: * rides on Puma's back* MUHAHAH!!!

Puma: * walks around then flops down purring*

ChibiRose: AWWWWW


All: o.o yes..

Whitney: THANK YOU!!!! AS I WAS SAYING. . . . . .

Jason: Erm Whitney???

Whitney: WHAT!!!!

Jason: Times up.

Whitney: T^T * sniffles*

Jason: o.o

Whitney: Oh well! ^.^ Hope you all have a wonderful holidays, and Happy New Year or is it Happy New years???? oh well ^.^ Anyways Have fun and be safe ^.^

Sammie: PARTYYYY * runs off* MY POPTARTS!!!!!!!

Whitney: o.o
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RTTH 18: Christmas Again? (2010)
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