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 Profile: Gordy

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PostSubject: Profile: Gordy   Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:08 pm

Name: Gordy ( Hate his name)

Code Number: 1

Nicknames: The Boss man, BOSS, Gordy Porky (family) Crazy Man


Gender: Male

Height:6 ft

Hair: Black with strands of white

Eye: Blue/greenish

Job: Boss of the company

Boss or Alone: He is the boss! Use to work for his father til he past it on to his older brother that has "vanished"

Personality: Very obsessive about being the ruler of the world, very crazy. Sometimes talking in third person. Believe he only hires the best of the best. Hell bent on "getting rid" of the crew.

Family: Father:Deceased
Older Brother: Missing
Younger Brother: lends the department of zombies as head scientist.
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Profile: Gordy
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