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 Profile: Jason (Both For Side Life and RTTH)

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PostSubject: Profile: Jason (Both For Side Life and RTTH)   Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:10 pm

Real Name: Jason

Nickname: Mr. Fluffy

Test Subject Name: X016

Human Age: 22 years old

Zombie Age: 4 years old

Hair: Short a little shaggy light brown hair. Gets fluffy sometime (there fore the nick name Mr. Fluffy)

Eyes: Grey/Silver

Height: 5'9"

History: Was a guard for the eldest brother of Gordy and George until something happen and he blackout. To only wake up in George's lab being tested on. He was one of the few test subjects that pulled through to become a half human and half living dead. Until being taken away by Sammie and Whitney's little adventure in the labs he tried to piece together what happen to him. He has no issue's being a maid for the girls.

Personality: Very sweet and protective. Like a spotless, clean house which is an issue considering the girl's house is always messy. Can be a bookworm when not cleaning. Can't cook to save his life. Hates the nickname Mr. Fluffy and yells at the girls every time they use it.

Owner: Whitney

Owner/pet relation: They get along fine but he finds that her book taste a little odd. But he is thankful she can cook. There are small fights and he loses a lot of them. The difference between them is he rather read where she wants to play video games
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Profile: Jason (Both For Side Life and RTTH)
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