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 Profile: Aron (for both Side Life and RTTH)

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Profile: Aron (for both Side Life and RTTH) Empty
PostSubject: Profile: Aron (for both Side Life and RTTH)   Profile: Aron (for both Side Life and RTTH) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 11:12 pm

Real Name: Aron

Nickname: Floofykinz

Test Subject Name: X007

Human Age: 19 years old (almost 20)

Zombie Age: 3 years old

Hair: Medium short/long brown hair. Slightly frizzy not by much

Eyes: Hazel/blue

Height: 6'3"

History: He was born in a high class family (which can be link to his laziness) He dropped out of high school when he rebelled against his father's wish with taken over the family company. One night he sneak out of the house to wonder round on the wrong side of the tracks. While leaving the party he blacked out and woken up in George's lab becoming the second of few people that becomes a half human half living dead. When Sammie and Whitney
found themselves in the lab they released him and along with Jason. He forced to school with Sammie by Jason.

Personality: Pretty lazy, and a bit of a flirt. Normally seen arguing with Sammie about his Nickname. Is really protective of the girls just like Jason but can blow them off is he's pissed off.

Owner: Sammie

Owner/pet relation: They get along just fine.if you count tormenting each other. They may get into fights but he always looses them. Really no difference, There a lot alike.that's why they always fight.
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Profile: Aron (for both Side Life and RTTH)
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