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 Side Life Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Side Life Chapter 1   Side Life Chapter 1 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 11:29 pm

It's the same thing everyday. Follow that girl, try to get rid of her and friends then get hurt. Return to the office, get yelled at then back to the field. Get hurt again then to home. Nurse the bumps and bruises. Go to bed then wake up and do it all over again. But a job is a job unless it involves me getting hit with baseball bats, tripping over wires or falling into a deep black hole and some how end up in a garden?!?!? Well, I bet you are wondering who I am? Well I am ...well just call me 13...unlucky 13.See I'm the one that gets stuck with the job no one wants. In return, I am working for this guy. Who thinks this girl is preventing him in ruling the world. Let's start in the beginning, right when I started working for him.

*5 months ago*

As I walk through the halls going to the main office. Looking down the paper reading the room number to myself. Then next thing I know I am on the ground.
" GAH! Why must I have rotten luck with balance! "I yelled while sitting up rubbing my head.
I got up and look at the door in front of me.

"Hey! This is it!"
I quickly open the door but with luck...well unlucky me, tumbled into the room hitting my head on a chair.

"Well brother looks like your new hire is here...finally"
I look up and see a younger man and an older one.

"Well lets see if he is any better then the other ones" the other one growled. "I am your boss. This is my lead scientist George."
"Hello there. Yes brother I pray this one is different. If not I'll have another test subject." George said with an evil grin.

All I could do was tilted my head to the side. But I don't dare ask what he meant by that. I jumped up to my feet and stand completely still.

"Well someone is ready to deal with this pest of mine. Here your target. This girl and her friends are in my way in ruling the world. You wont have to travel far" He said as he sat down in the chair" You have to get rid of her and you are being pay for this. So...DON'T SCREW IT UP!!

I flinched and nod quickly. I hope I get pay more than what this girl worth. And to be a quick job.

"Well what you waiting for? GET GOING!!!"

With that, I was going. This brings us to the present day.

*Present Day**in the hallway*
I was walking towards the lab while whistling then started thinking what Mr. George could want with me. He doesn't fall in the same department ...I mean... He doesn't even pay me. I finally got to the door and stare at it for awhile. Started thinking while then finally grab the door handle and walk in to only get my shirt snagged on the handle making me fly back wards into the door. Twitches a little and thinking,"Why me?"

"Well hello there 13. How are we today?" George smiled while waving.

Just as I was about to answer, he waved me off. Rude. . . He motions me to follow him. I walked over and blinked at the two bodies in the table. I quickly look at George. Thinking to myself," Why do I have this sickening feeling?"

"Ah I see you notice my newest subjects. Let me explain who they are."

He walked over to one of the bodies and uncovers is showing a guy around the same age as me

"He is subject X016. He used to be my older brother's personal guard until some how my brother vanished into thin air. I believe Gordy has something to do with it.. But I what do I can? I am getting payed to test subjects and that's all I am going to do."

I just stared at the guy then jumped back when the second body starts move under the sheets.

"This is my newest one of the two, X007" He said while pulling the sheet away showing a younger boy" He more stubborn of the two. But he was raised as a brat. I am still trying to get them to talk but they haven't said a single thing. I hope I don't have to destroy my new pets. I've gone through hell and back to get those two to be the way they are."

OK... I am officially scared of this man. I don't want to be ever on his bad side...I hate to see how I would end up as...one of his test subjects. Then I felt hit slap my shoulder really hard almost making me fall on the table.

"Relax boy, Let me buy you lunch."

I was half temping to decline until my stomach answered for me. Fine one lunch shouldn't kill me... Might regret this. So I just nodded yes.

"Good!" He said with a crooked smile.

*Subject X016 POV*

Hearing feet leaving the room and the door closing I thought to myself,

"Ah finally peace and quiet. Wonder how long it will last?"

Then there was a loud crash and someone cursing then giggles followed after.

"Well that didn't last....Wait? Giggles? Who that hell is in here with us?"I thought to myself again.

I slowly opened my eyes to see two girls standing right next to me. I just blinked at them and wonder how the hell they got in here.

"Hey Sam! He opened his eyes! Told you they had zombies! Pay me up now."

The other girl looks over her shoulder and watches her then laughs.

"With what money? You know I don't have money." She smiled while looking around the room.

" True... What you think we should do with these two" She leans against my leg without thinking.

"You know... You are very warm." I said staring at her.

"HOLY SH..... O.o you can talk?"

"Yes every much so... You mind telling me what you two are doing here? Or... how you two got in here?"

"Well Sammie looks like we have to take these two... They aren't dead zombies as I thought." She pouted a little.

Sammie pops up on the other side of the table and leans close.

"I guess and to the answer of your questions. We always walk around here and it's not that hard to get in here or out of here."

I sat up to realize that I had nothing but a sheet on me. Oh... The embarrassment of this...

"Hey Sam?"
"Think we need to find them some clothes… Don't you think?"

She blinks and looks at the both of us and the younger boy.

"Nah they have the sheets to cover them."

"It would be hard to run from here to the house when they are holding on the sheets… Don't you think?"

"Why must you be difficult?"

"ME?!?! Why don't you stop to think the plan through next and maybe we wouldn't be in the mess?'

"What plan? We thought they weren't going to be moving around talking!"

As them two kept fight I just got up and walk over to the locker where George leaves his extra pair of clothes. Then grabs a pair of clothes for the younger boy from a locker for the lab techs that help him out.

" I can't believe you!!"

"Oh Hush Sam!"


"Me hush? How about you!"




"WHAT?!?!" They both screamed.
I hold up a pair of pants and shirts then threw it on the table.

"Problem solved... Now do you mind and giving us some privacy to get dressed?"

"Uh sure... Come on Sam"

"By the way... What are your names?"

" Sammie" She points to herself then points to the other girl" That's Whitney. And sorry about the fighting..."

I just wave them and they left the room. I slowly woke the boy up and he growled.

"Lovely…Time to get up boy."

"You can't make me… You aren't the boss of me."
Lovely. Even more. I have two battle ready girls and one stubborn boy on my hands. What else could go wrong?

An alarm goes off and someone over the intercom starts speaking" There are two impostures in the building. In the science department. Please be advised, they are dangerous please be advised."

Just great, well at least I know how they get in here. But how are we going to get out now… The boy finally got up and got dress. By the time we got to the door the girls open the door and slammed the door shut behind them. Then locking it.

"What happen?" I ask staring at the door.

"They found us" Sammie gave an uneasy laugh.

"OK then how are we going to get out of this one?" I raised an eyebrow while looking at them.

"That's what we are good at. Finding ways to get out of harm way in almost in one bit." Whitney said and head to the vents," think you can fit in that??"

" You serious? How can you fit there??? It's tiny!" The younger boy said.

" Maybe I should leave you here to keep being tested on?" She said back.

The door is slowly denting in ward. I just grabed the boy and almost fling him into the vent.

"Hey watch it! What the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry I rather get out of here and I would feel bad if I left you here. Now move it!!"

He quickly scurries up into the vent follow by Sammie and Whitney. Just then, the door falls to the ground. I did not even bother looking behind me as I climbed into the vent and then follow them.

"Hey do you know where are you going?"

"Nope nada clue. Mind filling us in you two?" the boy said.

"If you keep going forward then to a left we should find the exit." Sammie answered

"And if we don't?" He snapped.

"Well then you are stuck here with us forever WOOooOOoO" Whitney laughed.

"That is not funny! This is the last place I want to end up. Stuck with a guard and two psycho girls." He yelled back

"Hey! We are not psycho girls!" Sammie yelled at him

"OH? Then what are you?"

"We are psycho WOMEN" she giggled.

After a few minutes, we found our way out. Slowly getting out my back deiced to pop.

"GAH! Lovely just lovely! IF it's not one thing it's another!" * growled while rubbing my back." Where are you two going?"

"We are heading back home. Why?" Sammie said while looking back at us.

"You are just going to leave us here alone?"

"We figure you had homes to go to so ….Wait do you have homes?"

"I use to but doesn't matter they don't notice me being gone." The boy blurted out.

"Well what about you?" she asked.

" Well the place was my home. So no, I don't have one either."

"I guess you two can shack up at our place if you want. But first what are " Whitney points at us" YOUR names?"

" My name is Aron" He said, almost proudly.

"My name is Jason." I said calmly" Shall we go then?"

"YEP!" They both said at the same time.
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Side Life Chapter 1
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