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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 19

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 19   Random Things That Happen Chapter 19 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 10:24 pm


Whitney:* getting ready to leave for work*

Jason: * pops in her room* Can you take out the trash when you leave??

Whitney:* twitches* Can't you send Aron to go that?

Jason: They already left for school

Whitney:* death glares* Why can't you??

Jason: >.> I am not dressed?

Whitney: * Points* LAIR!!!!!

Jason: FINE>_< * walks off*


Whitney: * working on dinner*

Aron: * pops up* Hey can you help me on Biology?

Whitney: o.o Bio isn't hard..

Aron: <.< So that's a no?

Whitney: * threatens with a wooden spoon*

Aron: * darts off*


Whitney: * sitting on the couch watching tv*

Sammie:* pops up* Whitneyyyyy?

Whitney: Hm???

Sammie:* puppy eyes* Can you help me with Algebra?

Whitney:* looks at her* You know damn well I suck at that!

Sammie: * pouts* I know I figure I make an excuse to get out of math.

Whitney:* laughs*

Sammie:* leaps over the couch and sits next to her*

Whitney: * blinks then shrugs*

Sammie: * tries to steal her blanket*

Whitney: NO! Share ^.^

Sammie: ^.^ * shares blanket*

Jason: * blinks* There you are Sam..

Whitney: Shhh family time....

Jason: * twitches and sighs giving up then flops down next to Whitney and puts his arm behind her on the back of the couch* What you watching?

Both girl: *shrugs at the same time*

Jason: Lovely....

Aron: * walks out of his room* Why are you all sitting here?

Sammie: * leans against Whitney's shoulder* Shhhh family time..

Aron: * mumbles and sits next to Sammie and rest his head on the arm of the couch*

Whitney: Odd family aren't we?

Jason: Yes dear...O.O

Whitney: o-o

Sammie: o.O

Aron: O.o

Whitney: >.> Yes hunny

Jason: -.- I hate you...

Sammie: * is in tears from laughing so hard*

Aron: * on the ground laughing*


* Two girls running through a forest.One wearing blue jeans and a white shirt . The other wearing a skirt and blue shirt*

???: Do you even know where you are going Sam?

Sammie: * stops in her tracks* What you think Whit?

Whitney:* twitches at the name and goes to yell at her but gets stop by a loud groan* O.O

Sammie: o.o should we run?

Whitney: * turns around* O.O * taps her on the shoulder and points to a horde of zombies* what you think?? Sam? * looks over and notice that she is running* O.O * darts off after her* DAMN ITTT

Sammie: * is full out running* I DON'T WANT TO DIEEEE!!!!!!* trips over a rock*

Whitney:* jumps over her with no issues then slides to a stop* Get up!

Sammie: O.O * jumps up and runs*

Whitney:* starts running again* GAH!! WHY A FOREST!!


Whitney: LIKE HELL IS WAS!!!!

Sammie: IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY! IT WAS YOU ID* slams into a wall* @_@

Whitney: * grabs her by the shirt opens the door flings her in there then slams the door and blocks it*

Sammie:* slides to a stop * @_@ hehehe look at the pretty birds Whitney...

Whitney:* blinks then jumps back when there a loud bang on the door* Erm I think we better go and find a better place...

Sammie: *sits up then stands up * Yeah.. * blinks and looks up the stair* Think they are smart enough to use them?

Whitney:* shrugs then starts walking up them*

Sammie: o.o DON'T LEAVE ME! * follows her*

Whitney: * wonders down a hall* You think this is a safe place?

Sammie: How should I know? You the one that threw me in here.

Whitney: What you want to take on those zombies! You are more than welcome to go back out there!

Sammie: Hell no!!

Whitney: * sighs* And what is up with the outfit?!?! A SKIRT!!!

Sammie: OH yes and your outfit real original!


Sammie: BACK AT YOU!!!

* Both too busy fighting with each other they don't spot a zombie coming up behind them*

Whitney: Hey let go of my shoulder!

Sammie: NO you let go of mine!

Both: O.O oh...shooot....* looks behind them and screams*


Both: * both darts off*


Whitney: I KNOW GAH!!!* trip and falls,tries to grab on to something but grabs Sammie's leg by accident*

Sammie: AHHH * falls and lands on...... the rugs that's on the floor of the living room* >.<

Whitney: I think I poped my back..

Jason: * sighs* I'll never understand you two at all...


Whitney: T^T so close to the final boss battle..

BIO 101

Sammie: * walks into her biology class* please please please please please

Cesar: Please what?

Sammie: * has a heart attack and falls over*

Cesar: * blinks and pokes her with a stick*

Sammie:* Jumps up and shifty eyes* WHY ARE YOU SCARING ME!!!

Cesar: * blinks at her* You was talking to yourself

Sammie: What?!?! no! * walks into the room* O.O noo!!

Aron: * grins while waving at her*

Cesar: * walks over and sits down next to Aron*

Sammie: * whines and is force to sit on the other side of Aron*

Aron: * evil grin*

*25 minutes into class*

Cesar: * passed out face in book*

Aron* pokes him with a pencil*

Sammie:* is planning Aron's Death*

Aron: * turns his attention to Sammie and pokes her in the side*

Sammie: -.- Stop that

Aron:* keeps poking*

Sammie: Stop that...

Aron:* keeps poking*

Sammie: THAT'S IT!! * tackles him which starts a fight*

Cesar: ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzz

* Across town at Zombies-R-US*

Whitney: * in a meeting*

Intercom: * staticy*

Whitney: * falls out of her seat having a heart attack*

Intercom: Whitney you have a telephone call from Magic District High School please report to answer it

Whitney:* head pops up from under the desk* I thought I told them no phone calls* growls getting up and walks out of the room* grrrrr * grabs the phone* WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!

Other Line: * talking fast*

Whitney: -.- Why didn't you call the house?

Other line: * still talking fast*

Whitney: -.- This is what happens when they are you in the class together.

Other Line: * keeps talking fast*

Whitney: EXCUSE ME! YOU DON'T TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY KIDS!! * bashed the phone against the desk then twitches after realizing what she just said* Hahaha Iam sorry. But you do realized from the first time you saw me, I AIN'T THEIR MAMA!!!! * hangs up then face plants* ^.^ Could you call my house and tell Jason to pick up her two darings* mumbles walking off* I HAVE A MEETING TO FINISH!!!!
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 19
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