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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 20

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 20   Random Things That Happen Chapter 20 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 9:20 pm


Puma: *Passed out on the couch*

Whitney: * running late and pets Puma then darts out* BE GOOD!!

Jason: * blinks and looks down at the cat that's laying next to him* What's the worst that you can do??

Puma: * looks up and yawns*

*12:03 pm*

Jason: * walks into the bathroom to clean it then stop* wtf?

Puma: * standing inside the toilet* Meow?

Jason: * chases him out* SHOO OUT OUT!!

Puma: * darts off leaving paw prints along the floor*

Jason: * twitches*

*2:30 pm*

Jason: * gets the vaccum out and starts cleaning*

Puma: * freaks out and knocking everything off the coffee table*

Jason: * twitches then picks the stuff up then goes back to cleaning*

Puma: *pulls that same stunt and knocked everything off again*

Jason: DAMN IT!!!!


Jason: * cleaning the kitchen table*

Puma: * staring at him from the counter*

Jason: * turns around and freaks out* DAMN IT CAT!!!

Puma: * tilts head to side* meow?

Jason: * glares* How does everyone think your a hell bent cat? * tilts head to side* Your just a normal hairball...

Puma: * jumps down and walks out*

Jason: * sighs and walks out after finishing the kitchen*

Puma:* darts between his legs tripping him*

Jason: GAH!! * falls on to the stairs leading to the up stair* grrr


Jason: * sits on the couch and sighs*

Puma: * jumps up and curls up against him falling asleep*

Jason: * sighs again and pets him*

*front door opens up*

Whitney: We're home!!!

Sammie: * smacking Aron over the head with her book*

Aron: * guarding his head* STOP!!!

Cesar: * yawns and walks in trying to avoid getting hit*

Whitney: * kicks her shoes off and walks in then flops down* How was your day?

Jason: * looks up and grins* Oh the normal. Cleaning.

Whitney:* shrugs* oh well I'll start dinner.* gets up and walks into the kitchen* Jason?

Jason: Hm? * flipping through the tv channels*

Whitney: Why is there a dead mouse in the kitchen?

Jason: * glares at Puma* You just had to do that didn't you?

Puma: * purring*


* at the store*

Whitney: * pushing the cart then rides it *

Sammie:* in the cart* WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Jason: -.-'' Come on kids stop it!

Both: AWW COME ON!!!

Jason: Look we are only here for certain items so lets get them and go.


Whitney: *freaks out* THE VOICES!! THEY ARE BACK!!!!!!!

Jason: -.-'""

Sammie: * laughs*


Megan: OK Snarficus.. want to go out?

Snarficus: Meow?

Megan: Come on.

Snarficus: * jumps off the couch and walks to the back door* Meow

Megan: * opens the door showing it's snowing out*

Snarficus: * gives her your joking look*

Megan: OH! It's just a little snow * Pushes him out with her foot*

Snarficus: * plastered to the door* MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Megan: * turns around to go back to the couch* o.O EH?

Snarficus: * lays out on the couch*

Megan: -.-'''

Snarficus: ^.^


Jacki: Hey Can you get the mail?

Andrew: Sure!

Jacki: Make sure you don't fly away thou.

Andrew: o.o Fly away??

Jacki: Yeah remember the blizzard out side?

Andrew: OH can't be that bad* puts on a jacket and opens the door only to fly backwards* @_@

Jacki: * closes the door* Told cha

Andrew: * jumps up and ties a rope around his waist* OK I AM GOING OUT!!!!

Jacki: * points* Should that be tied to something?

Andrew: . . . . . . * ties it to the door after walking out* OFF I GO!!! * blinks*

* wind blowing the snow every which way*

Andrew: OH GREAT!!! * starts walking off*

* 10 minutes later*

Andrew: Where is that bloody mail..b..o..x..O.O

*polar bear and penguins bowling in the yard*

Andrew: o.o Megan???

Megan: * is bowling with them*o.o HEY * waves crazy at him* How are you!!!!

Andrew: How aren't you cold?!?!?!

Megan: I have a hoodie on ^.^

Polar Bear: It's your turn to bowl human!

Megan: COMING!! ^.^ Have fun Andrew!!!

Andrew: o.o

* 30 minutes later*

Jacki: * cleaning the kitchen*

* Knock at the front door*

Jacki : * blinks and opens the door* o.o

Andrew: * half frozen standing there holding the mail in his arms* B....b.....b......back.......

Jacki: * blinks at him*

Andrew: * falls into the house*


Whitney: Welcome to RTTH News Room!!! Here we have today. Sammie as weather girl ^.^

Sammie:* growls at her*

Whitney: Andrew with sports ^.^

Andrew: o.O

Whitney: Megan with tip on... o.O Penguin care??

Megan: ^.^

Whitney: Jason as Anchor and Aron our field reporter LET BEGIN!! WEATHER GIRL SAMMIE!!!!

Sammie: * holds up a knife then realize the camera is on her* O.O ^.^ Hehehe * coughs and throws the knife somewhere* Well we should be expecting snow up to two feet high with wind. Shall we go to Aron with a view of the weather. Aron how it is out there?

Aron: * outside death gripping a lamp post* AHHHHHHHHHH* hands slip and her flies away*

Sammie: o.o Well then erm.. Back to you Jason.

Jason: Well lets turn to Andrew for sports..

Andrew: *blinks at everyone confusingly*

Jason: Ooookkkk Then Megan how about you? What tip to you have for us?

Megan: ^.^ Oh Coarse! With your pet you must be ....

* loud banging sound*

Whitney: o.O What was that?!?!?!!?

Sammie: Roof caved in with the weight of zombies..

Whitney: * puppy eyes* Zombies?

Sammie: No! The snow caved in the roof.

Whitney: T^T You're no fun!


Sammie: And that would happen if we was in a news room

Whitney: And how does that little story helps us out of this issue?

Sammie: What issue??

Whitney: *is hanging upside down from a tree*

Sammie: * hanging up side down with her* ^.^ oh this one
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 20
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