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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 21

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 21   Random Things That Happen Chapter 21 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 9:23 pm


*8 am*

Whitney: * past out*

Jason: * opens door* Wake up!!

Whitney: o.O -.- Why did you wake me up???

Jason: Road Trip. Get dress. * shuts door*

Whitney: * confused now*

* 8:30 am*

Jason: * Packs van*

Whitney:* walks out while yawning* You know people have school days?... And work??

Jason: SO?

Whitney: o.o who you? and where's Jason??

Jason: ^.^

???: MORNING!!!

Whitney: * fakes heart attack* x-x

???: Ooops Sorry

Sammie: * walks out rubbing her eye* Andrew what you doing here???

Andrew: ^.^ going on trip with you.

Sammie: And Jacki?

Andrew: T^T Staying home.

Whitney: * twitches on the ground*

Aron: * half sleep walk* Where we are going?

Megan: * pops out of thin air* UP NORTH!!!

Whitney: * blinks after sitting up* Why there? There nothing but s..n..o..w...NO!! NOT HAPPENING!!!!

Jason: Too late!! * grabs her and throws her in the car* FILE UP AND GET IN!!

Everyone: * jumps into the van*

Jason: * gets into driver's seat* LET GO!!

Sammie: LET'S SING A SONG!!!

Whitney: * glares* If you sing the song you are thinking I will throw you out of the window.

Sammie: * gulps* ^.^ ok

Whitney: * starts whistling*


Whitney: 99 BOTTLES OF BEER!!


* 3 hours later*

Sammie: 1 bottle of beer on the wall 1 bottle of beer! If you take one down pass it around...erm... What happens next?

Whitney: You all pass out from drinking too much??

Sammie: Yeah lets go with that one *laughs*

Jason: Here!!!

Andrew: YES!!!!!!

* eveyone dives out of the van*

Whitney:* hides under the seat* Not happening!!!!!

Jason: * grabs her then carries her over his shoulder*

Whitney: T^T I hate you!!!!!!!

Greeter: WELCOME TO......*blinks*

Jason: ^.^ She hates snow

Whitney: * growling at him*

*15 minutes later*

Sammie: * sitting down tie her boots*

Aron: You find this odd?

Sammie: That Jason pulled us out of school to have a ski trip? yes...BUT IAM NOT COMPLAINING!!!!

Aron: -.-''

Andrew: * in background* *hopping on one foot trying to get the boot on the foot then flies backwards into a stack of skis and boards*

Megan: * in background* *points and laughs*

Aron: OH well better make the most of this.

Sammie: Be thankful that you are undead Aron.

Aron: ^.^ I am.

* On the lift*

Whitney: o.o * death gripping Jason's arm*

Jason: I am glad that you are feel safe.

Whitney: O.O not funny I hate heights

Andrew: * leans forwards in his seat* That's a nice thing to say to a person that torments you.

Whitney: * glares* Do it and I will throw you off this!!!!!!

Andrew: ^.^ I'll be good!!!

* At the top*

Sammie: * gets off the lift no issue*

Megan: * gets off with no issue as well*

Aron: * trips and falls face first into the snow* @_@

Both: * doesn't realized he isn't behind them*

Aron: * Pant leg some how gets caught in the lift and drags him* HELPPPPPP

Jason: * blinks* Hey you two where Aron?

Both: * looks at each other then looks behind them and shrugs*

Whitney: Oh well.

Megan: WEEEE * darts off and slides the slope*

Sammie: o.o That was quick...

Andrew: * shifty eyes and pushes Sammie down hilll*


Andrew: MUHAHAHAAH * points and laughs*

Jason: Hey

Andrew: * turn around* ^.^ I didn't do anything.

Jason: * pushes him with one finger*

Andrew: O.O * fails his arms in the air while going backwards* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

*Lunch Time*

Jason: Has anyone seen Aron?

Aron: * few seconds later comes sliding in and crashes into tables*

Jason: Never mind.

Aron: * jumps up and brush off the snow and dust* I meant for that to happen. * sits down next to Sammie*

Sammie: * waves a fork at Jason* So why did you wanted a trip anyways?

Jason: Just for us to have fun. To feel somewhat like a normal family. You know?

Whitney: OH YES! Normal. -.- We are the only non humans in this place.

Jason: * shrugs*

Megan: So what's next?

Jason: Tubing

Whitney: o3o

Sammie: > = 3

Aron: T^T

* at a different slope*
*At the top*

Andrew: WEEE * Slides down the slope only to flip out of the tube and rolls the rest of the way down*

Jason: * holds up the index finger of knowledge* That's why we listening to safety rules so stuff like that won't happen.

Megan: Admitted if you just wanted to see him fail.

Jason: * coughs* This is true as well.

Aron: WEEEEE * slides down the slope only to flip at the end and having the tube land on him* @_@

Whitney: o.o You sure this is safe?

Jason: * blinks* Starting to question it myself.

Sammie: * goes down with no issue* WOOT THAT WAS FUN!!!

Whitney: >.> Maybe this slope doesn't like guys.

Jason: * glares*

Whitney: ^.^ * goes down the slope with no issues as well*

Jason: -.-''

Megan: * points and laughs* proves her theory. * goes down the slope hitting few bumps but doesn't flip*

Jason: * twitches and goes down the flip and flips at the end* @_@

Whitney: * points and laughs*

* End of the day*

Jason: * gets into the van* Did everyone have fun?

Everyone: YES!!

Jason: ^.^ That's good


* in a warehouse*

Sammie: * freaking out* I THOUGHT YOU KNEW HOW TO DEFUSE A BOMB IDIOT!!! * beating Aron on the head with a rolled up paper*

Aron: * covers his head* gah!! I never said that!!!!!

Andrew:* twitches on the ground beaten to a bloody pulp * That was me...

Aron: * flails his arms in the air* YOU BROKE BOTH OF THE HANDS OF THE ONE GUY THAT CAN SAVE US!!!!

Sammie:* shrugs* He shouldn't have jumped out of hiding while I have guns on hand.

Aron: -.-'''

Andrew: Erm... guys bomb?

Both: O.O

Sammie: * freaks out* WE ARE GOING TO DIEEEEEE* runs around the room*

Aron: T^T I am too young to die!!!

Andrew: * blinks* You're already dead.

Aron: I Know that >.>

Sammie: * keeps freaking out* I AM NOT!!! * runs then trips over a cord unplugging something*

*Bomb shuts off*

Aron: o.o WE'RE SAVED!!! * jumps up and hugs Sammie*

Sammie: * hugs back* YES!!!

*bomb starts back up*

Andrew: Could see that a mile away.

Sammie: Can you see this a mile away?

Andrew: o.o

Sammie: * throws his body over bomb then grabs Aron's arm and dives behind cover*

Andrew: O.O

* 10 minutes later at Jacki's house*

Jacki: * cleaning the house*

Sammie: * walks in* Hey Jacki?

Jacki: Yes? * turns around* O.O

Aron: ^.^ We have a problem.

Andrew: * in bits and piece in a wheelbarrow*

Jacki: -.- You are ban from playing cops and robbers.


Jason: * whistles while cleaning dishes*

BlackShadow:* slides in through a window and walks around slowly in the room*

Jason: * blinks and leans out of the kitchen* hello??.. hm.. Thought I heard something

Ghost: * pops up out of no where* ELLO!

Jason: * jumps and grabs his chest* Damn it ghost why do you do that!!!

Ghost: Because I can. MUAHAHAHA * vanishes*

Jason: *growls and goes back to cleaning*

BlackShadow: * peeks into the kitchen and stares*

Jason: * turns around quickly* I KNEW I HEARD SOMETHING!!!

BlackShadow: O.O * darts off*

Jason: * chases him*

BlackShadow* tries jumping out the window*

Jason: * grabs him by the shirt and yanks him back*

BlackShadow: O.O * turns around only to meet a fist in his face* @_@

Jason: * winces and fans his hand in the air* Damn out of practice.

Whitney: Hey Jason O.O WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!?!?!?!?!

Jason: * shrugs*

BlackShadow: * shakes his head and glares at Jason*

Jason: * drop kicks him*

BlackShadow: * growls then vanishes*

Jason: Well shoot forgot they could do that.

Whitney: * blinks* Remind me not to tick you off again!!

Jason: * blinks after realizing that the house is once again dirty* -.-'''



Jason:* sitting on the couch folding clothes* Hey? Can you wake them two up? They going to be late for the bus*blinks*

Whitney: * completely ignore him holding a phone to her ear* I don't care what you think. I know those .. wait hold on .. what you say Jason??

Jason: * points up* Wake them up.

Whitney: * shrugs and head for the stair* OK go on what you was saying? * walks up the stairs and trips landing face first on the stair* grrrrr

Jason: * bites his lip*

* 20 minutes later*

Sammie: * darts down the stairs jumping the last step* POPTART!

Whitney:* put one in her mouth* I really think you the one mess up the numbers not me! Bye Sammie have a good day!

Sammie: MPHFFUF * waves while grabbing her bag and darting out the door*

Aron:* scrambles down the stairs only to tumble down the final few steps* @_@

Whitney: * holds up a toast for him*

Aron: * grabs the toast and bag then darts out*

* Around 4*

Whitney: THAT'S WHAT I THINK OF YOU!!! * slams phone down and sits on couch*

Jason: Hard day at work?

Whitney: I haven't left yet o.O

Jason: It's 4 you know??

Whitney: * blinks*


??: HOLY CRAP!!!* Dives under a table*


Sammie: o.o yes Whitney??

Whitney:*pushes her out* GET YOUR OWN SPOT!!!


Whitney: Why do you think I said Find your own spot?!?!?!?

???: *howls*

Both: O.O* death grips each other*

Sammie: I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!

Whitney: NEITHER DO I!!!!

???: * growls and walks up*

Whitney: O.O * covers Sammie's mouth*

Sammie: o.o

???: * looks at them two*

Both: * screams*

??: Hahaha found you two...

???: * grabs them by the legs and drags them off*

* Dentist office*

Whitney: T^T

Sammie: T~T

Jason: * sits next to them while petting Aron on the head*

Aron: * sitting there * ^.^

Sammie: Stupid werewolf!!!
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 21
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