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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 23

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 23   Random Things That Happen Chapter 23 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 01, 2011 7:43 pm


Jason: * stands there stretching out * mmm

??: * pops up next to him* getting ready to run?

Jason: * jumps* WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!?!

??: * evil grin* Oh?? Somewhere..

Jason: * glares* Thought you was at work Whit...

Whitney: * grins* Nope, building getting worked on. Mind if I join?

Jason: You run??

Whitney: * shifty eyes* If dogs are chasing me.... * points behind her* See

Jason: O.O * darts off running*

Whitney: * follows behind him* Did you ask for jumps?

Jason: * looks at her* what you mean?

Whitney: * points*

Jason: O.O

* several jumps in front of them*

Jason: That's it I am changing different exercise!!!

* Scene Change*

Jason: * blinks in a different outfit on*

Whitney: ^.^ Yay yoga!!

Jason: *blinks* I am going to regret it.

* 20 minutes later*

Jason: * is tangled up*

Whitney: * sitting perfectly still* Having issues?

Jason: * twitches* I am changing this again!!

* Scene changed*

Whitney: o.O what the F?? * is in a red knee high dress* Must you pick this one?

Jason: * wearing black pants and white shirt* What is wrong with dancing?

Whitney: * blinks* You know I ain't the dancing type EEK

Jason: * pulls her close* Ready??* takes a tango pose*

Whitney: Ok dancing fine... but..

Jason: But?

Whitney: * points* Why are there judges???

Sammie: * sitting in a light green dress and waves*

Andrew: * in a suit with a red tie* ^.^

Aron: * some how got con into wearing a suit with a pink tie* -.-''

Megan: * smiles while waving* I am the host!!!

Andrew: I give it a 4

Ghost: * throws a bag of popcorn at him* BOOO

Whitney:* twitches* o.o

Jason: * dips her backwards* OH come on this is fun.

Whitney: CHANGING !!!

*Scene changes*

Jason: * blinks finding himself on a tennis court*

Whitney: * grins*

Jason: OH I am screwed...

* 30 minutes later*

Jason : * dead on the floor* @_@

Whitney: * gasping for air while laying on the couch* hehe I win again

Jason: OH ....shut....up....

Sammie: * pops up* Can I play after your done???


???: * darts in an empty warehouse then plaster herself against the wall* OK.. there's two of them...but...where?

* loud banging sound*

???: O.O

??: OH Sammmieeee

Sammie: O.O oh crap...* dives into hiding*

??: Come out come out where ever you areee...

Sammie: NEVAH ARON!!!

Aron: OH come on.. I need to repay you back for almost killing us with that bomb Sammie

Sammie:* moves from her spot* I don't know what you are talking about.. Blame Andrew for that!

Andrew: I did no such thing!!

Sammie: * growls*

Andrew: * pops up behind her* BOO!

Sammie: EEK!! * turns around and shoots at him*

Andrew:* grabs his chest* YOU SHOT ME!!! * falls on the floor*

Sammie: oops.. Sorry Andrew....

* Loud banging comes from behind her*

Sammie: o.o oh ....crap..

Aron: * grins and points a gun at her* This is the end of the road for you...

Sammie: * points her back at him* Doubt it...* quickly darts off*

Aron: * blinks* HEY I WASN'T FINISHED HERE!!* darts after her then gets hit in the face with a metal pipe* @_@ * falls backwards and lands on his back*

Sammie:* stand in front of him* To bad... this didn't last longer...* points the gun*

Aron: Too bad... I had fun...

???: * stand behind Sammie*

Aron: O.O

Sammie: * shoots him then turns around* O.O OH CRAP!


Sammie: o.o sorry Jason we was going too but Aron attacked me first!!!

Aron: * sits up with a dart stuck to his forehead* DID NOT IT WAS ANDREW!!!.. Where is he???

Jason: * twitches* Whitney's out back burying him....AGAIN!!!

*in back yard*

Whitney: * pats the ground with the Shovel* Ah Much better.. Thanks Andrew for being a test subject again.

Andrew: * buried about 4 feet under ground* >_< grr YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT WHEN I GET OUT....some how...


Whitney:* sitting on the floor while playing a game*

BlackShadow: * pops up into the living room then slowly sneaks up*

Whitney: Jason? You home already? * turns around* YOU AGAIN!!!

BlackShadow: *leaps over the couch but ends up on the ground right next to her*

Whitney: * blinks* Wow you really suck at being a ninja aren't cha???

BlackShadow: * sits up then sniffles a little*

Whitney: o.o Don't cry!! I am sorry I didn't mean that.

BlackShadow: * covers his eyes and cries*

Whitney:* blinks again and hugs him* I am sorry I don't mean to be so hard to kill .. or what ever you have to do...

BlackShadow: * hugs back*

Whitney: There there * pats him on the back*

Jason: * walks in holding a bag of food for dinner* Hey they didn't any lettuce so I had to get a bag of salad f..o..r..d..i..n..n...e..r...What are you doing?

Both: * looks up at him blinking*

BlackShadow: * lets go of her then shakes his fist at them and vanishes*

Jason: * blinks uber confused*


Sammie: * sitting on the back of the bus listening to music*

Aron: * head pops up in the seat in front of her*

Megan: * practicing magic on an unlucky frog*

Aron: * leans over his seat and jab Sammie in the head*

Sammie: * blinks and looks up at him*

Aron: ^.^

Sammie: Yes??

Aron: * evil grins*

Sammie: O.O

*Bus hits a bumps*

Aron: O.O * flies out of his seat*

Megan: O.O * falls out of her seat having the frog escape and magic bottle flies out and hits Aron*

Aron: * hits the ground* @_@

Sammie: o.o pffttt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* coughs from laughter*

* 20 minutes later*

Sammie: * still dieing from laughter on the ground*

Whitney: * starches the top of her head* Erm.. well..

Jason: * biting his lip trying not to laugh*

Aron: T^T * sitting on the couch as a girl*

Andrew: * walks in* Hey You have the bowl that you bo..r..r..o..w...o.o Megan?

Whitney: What ever gave you that idea???

Andrew; -.- I'll go find her to fix this * leaves*

Aron: * goes and hides in his room*

Sammie: * follows with a camera* XD I am never going to let this down!!


Jacki: Hey Andrew??

Andrew: Hm??

Jacki: * grins* Can you get the mail please?

Andrew: No not happening!!!

Jacki: It's such a nice day out not a cloud in a sky.

Andrew: OK then! * stands up and walks outside towards the mail box*

*three minutes later*

Andrew; AHHHHHHHHHHHH * death gripping the street pole*

* Wind picks up*

Andrew: NICE DAY MY BUTT!! AHHHHH * hand slips*


Jacki: Hm looks like that storm was moving faster then what the news said it was.

Andrew: AHHHHHHHHHH* splats against the screen door* @_@

Jacki: O.O ARE YOU OK?!?!?!

Andrew: It.. was just....junk...mail *slides down the door*
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 23
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