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 What if Profile: Whitney

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PostSubject: What if Profile: Whitney   Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:45 pm


Name: Whitney
Weight: a little heavy
Hair color and style: medium brown long to the shoulder blades
Body type: Curvy
Clothing style: dark clothes kinda tomboyish


Weapon: baseball bat

Sidearm: hand gun ( rarely uses)

Secondary Weapon: crow bar or pipe


Medical history: Bad right ankle after falling down stairs backwards.

Personalty: Lazy type but does go jogging every other day. She can be sweet towards people but cane have a mild mean streak if the right buttons are pushed.Loves her friends like family.

Family and Friends:

Family: Closer to her friends then family.

Relationship: None

Schooling: Finish high school planning on going back for college when money isn't tight.
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What if Profile: Whitney
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