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 What if Profile: Jacki

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What if Profile: Jacki Empty
PostSubject: What if Profile: Jacki   What if Profile: Jacki Icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 9:07 pm

Name: Jacklyn
Weight: wouldn't you like to know?
Hair color and style: Strawberry blonde long mostly straight hair with occasional highlights and low lights
Body type: tall and Curvy
Clothing style: Comfy and practical with a side of dressy


Primary Weapon: Dagger

Sidearm: Small handgun
Secondary Weapon: Whip


Medical history: Extensive

Personalty: Mom type. Takes care of everyone, worries about everyone, cooks, cleans, and meets out punishments. Caring, but don't get on her bad side.

Family and Friends: Tons

Family: Means everything

Relationship: Married to Andrew. Daughter : Lily

Schooling: Completed high school now learning from the School of Life
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What if Profile: Jacki
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