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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 12

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 12   Random Things That Happen Chapter 12 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:19 pm


Sammie: * opens the front door while looking at Jason* I don't know why you are forcing me to go to school!!!

Jason: Because education is important for you this time in your life.

Sammie: I understand that but * points to Aron* WHY YOU PUT ME IN ALMOST THE SAME CLASSES AT HIM!!!

Aron: That's asking for trouble!!

Jason: Everything will work out in the end trust me it's just one year for you two so deal with it. And that's final!

Sammie: YES MOTHER!! * huffs and walks in the livingroom and blinks* o.o WHAT THE!!

Jason: What * looks at the livingroom* I JUST CLEANED!!!

Aron: * shrugs and walks into his room only to get empty boxes fall on him* X..X gah!!


Whitney: * head pops out from behind the mountain of boxes in the living room* OH GOOD!!! You're home. I need your help Mr.Fluffy!

Jason: * twitches* Why is there mountains of boxes in the living room???

Whitney: Oh this? The company shipped them to me... Thou they was only suppose to ship 20 boxes not 200.

Jason: * blinks* 2...2......200 BOXES?!?!?!?! WHAT IS ALL IN THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Whitney: OH just papers to hand out about the company, some products, some acessories but most shirts that was on sale and need to get shipped out to costumers.. Why?

T.V.: ZOMBIE-R-WE!!! WHERE WE SELL YOU LIFE SAVING PRODUCT IN CASE OF A ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! That's right kiddies! Don't got to any old store! Come to us! We will set you up with our brand new ZOMBIE KIT!!! Come down to ZOMBIE-R-WE!!!! Where you can double check your zombie gear!!!! Note: product is not to be sold to kids underage of 20. Contact you local representative for questions and answers.

Aron: Psh! Who would believe that pitch???

Whitney: You be surprise how much business we get around here.

Jason: We? Oh don't tell me that you are one of the representatives!

Whitney: ^.^ How you think I am able to keep this house? Be a pimp?

Sammie: * holds up a spray bottle* Whats this?

Whitney: AH! That's our newest product Zombie-b-Gone spray. One spritz and the zombie will be gone... Thou it's hasn't been fully tested on a zombie

Sammie: * evil grin* OHHH ARONNNNNN

Aron: * fixes his hair* what??

Sammie: * sparies it in his face*

Aron: AHHHH WTF!! OMG IT BURNS!!!* rolls on the ground in pain*

Whitney: o.O well then ^.^ >.> Soo it's basically like pepper spray for zombies

Jason: -.- why am I not shock.....



Sammie: ZZzzzzZZZzzzZZzzzz

???: Jason are you sure you know what you are doing??

Jason: Of coarse I know how to wake people up. Don't forget I use to do that for a living.

???: Are you

Jason: Yes Whitney! Iam sure!

Whitney: Have fun Iam going to wake up Aron and make breakfast.*leaves the room*

Jason: * mumbles* Can't she trust me an enough to wake her up?? * pokes sammie in the side* Hey Sam it's time to get ready for school.

Sammie: * mumbles*

Jason: * twitches and sets her alarm to go off*

Sammie:* puts her pillow over her head*

Jason: * snarls*

Whitney: * walks into the room* SAMMIE BREAKFAST!!!

Sammie: * jumps out of bed and darts off to the kitchen*

Jason: *blinks* but but but

Whitney: Breakfast Mr.Fluffy

Jason: I hate you!

WARNING: Wizard in Training!!! Part 1

Andrew: *lounging around on the couch watching tv*

Megan: * pops up in a puff of smoke* HIYA!!!

Andrew: O.O * falls off the couch while grapping his chest* OMG Trying to give me a heartattack?!?!?!!?

Megan:But you are already dead? Soo it wouldn't kill you ^.^

Andrew: -.- Not the point!!!

Megan: Then what is the point??

Andrew: * twitches* What are you doing here???

Megan: I need someone to pratice my magic on.

Andrew: Why didn't you try Whitney's house?

Megan: I was but some zombie guy chased me out with a broom! Saying I was leaving mud everywhere... Then I tried working on the magic on some random people ... but it didn't end so well.

Andrew: * gets back on the couch* What happen?

Megan: ^.^ They kinda went...POOF!

Andrew: * blinks* -.- You send them to a different dimenion again?

Megan: No >> <<

Andrew: Why me??

Megan: ^.^ Becuase you are dead.

Andrew: -.- Thanks I fill soo special!

Megan: ^.^ You're welcome! Soo will you help me?

Andrew: No

Megan: Pleassseeeeeeeeee

Andrew: NO!

Megan: * puppy eyes and whimpers alittle*

Andrew: * twitches* FINE!!

Megan: YAY!! * grabs her 4-ever bag and digs into it finding her magic book* Spell spell spell AHH Here it is!!! ^.^ Shape shifting spell

Andrew: O.o what type of school are you going too?

Megan: o.O Same school Sammie and other zombie boy going too.. Ready!!!

Andrew: o.o Not really..

Megan: TOO LATE!! * throws a bottle of potion at him*

Andrew: O.O * engulfed in a puff of smoke*

Jacki: * walks down from up stairs and yawns alittle* What with the noise o.O and why is there a smoke on my couch????

Megan: ^.^ Hey Jacki, Andrew is being my test subject.

Andrew: * coughs while fanning the smoke away* OMG what did you put into this? It smells like a rotten egg!

Megan: Because it is a ro..t...t...o...n....e...g...g....O.O >_< NOT AGAIN!!!!

Jacki: O.O * snorts while laughing and holding her side* OMG OMG OMG!!!

Andrew: WHAT!!!

Megan: * pulls out a mirror from her bag and holds it up* See

Andrew: * looks in the mirror* O.O * screams loudly*


Whitney:*looking over orders at her desk then hears the scream* O.O WTF?!?!


Andrew: WTF!!! T^T You changed me into a girl!!!

Jacki: Wouldn't be the first time>.>

Andrew: * sulking in the corner*


Whitney: * walks into Jacki house and notice Andrew* o.o I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!

Andrew: * sitting on the couch ...still as a girl* I know it wasn't you ..for once! No I allowed Megan to use me as a test subject and I got changed into a girl!!

Whitney: Uh lol! smart move on your part.

Andrew: *pouts* shut up!

Whitney: This brings back memories...

Andrew: WHAT?!?! Changing me into a girl?

Whitney: No! When we met! You just died and poped up from the grave...>.> And I was minding my own business of coarse.

Andrew: Uh huh That's not how I remember it.

Whitney: OK then MISSY! How do you remember it??

Andrew: * twitches* Well if I remember right


Whitney: *whistling while walking around in the graveyard*

Near by grave: * the ground slowly begins to rumble then a hand jets out from under the fresh soil*

Whitney: O.O

Grave: * hand feels around the area then another hand pops out and starts digging away at the dirt*

Whitney: o.o Sweet a zombie!

Zombie: * finally pops out of the grave* ARRGG!!!!!

Whitney: O.O AHHHHHHHH * hits the zombie upside the head with a shovel*

Zombie: >_< Hey ouch that does hurt!!!

Whitney: o.o Wow it talks

Zombie: IT has a name!


Zombie: * twitches* -.- gee I feel soo loved..Get hit by a bus get buried then soon as I get out of the damn thing I get hit in the head with this crazy cat person. My life.

Whitney: * pokes him with a stick*

Zombie: DANG IT ALL KNOCK IT OFF * then gets smacks with the stick*


Zombie: Almighty Stick?

Whitney: Sound good at the time... SO what cha name?

Zombie: Andrew

Whitney: ^.^ ME R WHITNEY

Andrew: Weirdo

Whitney: * shakes the stick at him*

Andrew: O.O


Whitney: *sighs* good times..

Andrew: You still have that stick don't you?

Whitney: * shakes the ALMIGHTY STICK threateningly*

Andrew: -.- That is a yes then.


Whitney: * whistles while cooking*

Sammie: * pops up and shifty eyes* What you doing?

Whitney: Cooking why?

Sammie: Cooking what?

Whitney: Food..

Sammie: What type of food?

Whitney: Food to eat.

Sammie: Well then that doesn't sound exciting.* leaves the room*

Whitney: * twitches and goes back to cooking*

Aron: * walks in then look over her shoulder* What you cookin' ?

Whitney: Food

Aron: What kinda of food?

Whitney: The type you eat.* looks at him* Now Sammie was just in here two second ago asking me this didn't you hear?

Aron: Shees was just asking * Walks away*

Whitney: * twitches and goes back to cooking*


Whitney: ^.^ Almost done

Jason: * walks in* What cha cooking*

Whitney: * twitches and looks at him with a glare*

Jason: O.O

* In the living room*

Sammie: * playing games*

Aron: * laying on the floor watching*


both: O.o

Whitney: * walks out of the kitchen* I am going over to Jacki and Andrew's and ask if I can borrow a cooking pot. Be back in a few * walks out*

Sammie: * blinks* erm..ok??

Aron: * blinks and quickly jumps up and goes to the kitchen*

Sammie: *follows* O.O

Jason: * on the ground twitching with a bend up cooking pot on his head*
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 12
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