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 Random Things That Happen Chapter 15

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PostSubject: Random Things That Happen Chapter 15   Random Things That Happen Chapter 15 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 10:41 pm


Whitney: * sitting on the floor watching game playing being played*

Sammie: * playing a game against Aron*

Aron:* lets out an annoyed growl* Come on! Let me go first!!!

Whitney: Why? You are both killing zombies at the same time.

Jason* Twitches at the mess in the living room*

Ghost: * sitting on the arm rest watching them* KILL THEEMMMMM

Whitney: Hey! Stop taunting them!

Ghost: I am not!!!

Whitney: BULL

Jason: THAT'S IT!!!!!

All: * jumps at him yelling*

Jason: I am sick of cleaning up after all of you!

Whitney: And?

Jason: I am hiring a maid!!!!!

Whitney: But we don't have enough money to hire one. Most of the money going out for stuff and food.

Jason: Fine! Then I am renting out that spare room.

Ghost: My room???? WHY!!!

Jason:*twitches* Fine I am renting out the attic then!


Jason: * face plants and twitches* CAN'T ANYONE FIT THE BILL!!!

Whitney: Told you no one is going to be a neat freak like you

Jason: * death glares* Is it soo wrong for someone wanting A CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whitney:DOOR!!!!! I GOT IT* darts off and opens the door and lets out a loud squeal* CESAR!!!!

Everyone: o.O

Whitney: * drags a 5'7 tall boy into the house* ^.^ This is Cesar he is here to apply for attic room!

Jason: o.O Do you have a job?

Cesar: No? o.o

Jason: well then..

Whitney: * puppy eyes*

Jason: That's not going to work.

Whitney: * puppy eyes more* please?

Jason: NO and that's final!

Whitney: FINE! Then I shall call you by your pet name!!

Jason: O.O YOU WOULDN'T!!!

Whitney: MR.FLUFFY!!!!!!! COME HEREEEE!!!

Jason: -.- Fine he can stay!!!

Whitney: *squeals and squeezes Cesar tightly* YAY!!!! * jumps up and down happily*

Cesar: X.x


Jason: * actually being lazy for once and is passed out on the couch*

Ghost: * floating around being bored* You know she doing laundry

Jason: * wakes up quickly and look at him* Who is?

Ghost: Whitney is.

Jason: O.O X_X

Ghost: Oops

Whitney:*comes up from the basement with a basket of clothes* Whats his problem?

Ghost: Told him you was doing laundry XD

Whitney: -.-''''

Ghost: ^.^

Jason: * twitches on the ground*


Whitney: * in the kitchen peeling potatoes*

Cesar: * yawns and blinks* o.O What are you doing??

Whitney: PEELING!!!!! ^.^

Cesar: O.O ok?

Whitney: ^.^ Wanna help me??????

Cesar: Sure* goes over to help*

Whitney: * has the kitchen tv on and a Halloween commercial pops up playing a song* o.O >_<

Cesar: o.O

Whitney: * starts dancing while peeling the potatoes and singing to it*

Cesar: O.o I think I am going to help Jason and clean the house.*slowly backs away then darts out of the room*

Whitney: * blinks then shrugs and keeps dancing to it*

Jason: * walks by * o.O

Whitney: ^.^ What

Jason: That commercial again?

Whitney: NAHHH What gave you that idea?!?!?!

Jason: -.-'''

Whitney: ^.^ hehehehe


Sammie: * whistles while walking into health class* O.o NOT AGAIN!!!!! * see Aron sitting the back*

Aron: * grin and waves* Ello Sammie


???: See you're stuck in here too?

Sammie: O.O * slowly turns around* o.o hello Cesar

Cesar: ^.^ Ello


Both: O.O * sits down quickly*

Teacher: We are going to have a pop quiz today.

Sammie: o.O

Aron: D :

Cesar: * not even paying attention*

Teacher: * pass out the papers* You may start nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNOW!

* 20 minutes later*

Sammie: * is ready to bash her head into the desk*

Cesar: ZZZzzzzZZZzzz

Aron: * pokes Sammie in the ribs* Psstt

Sammie: >_< What.

Aron: Whats the answer for 4??

Sammie: >_< I don't know

Aron: Yes you do I can see it on your paper.

Sammie: Then why did you ask?

Aron: Too annoying you.

Sammie: Well you are doing a damn good job!!!

Teacher: QUIET YOU TWO!!

Sammie: O.O

Aron: <.< >.> * pokes her in the ribs hard*

Sammie: THAT'S IT!!! *tackles him to the ground foot hitting Cesar's desk*

Cesar: O.O I AM AWAKE!!!



Whitney: * sitting on the couch in about three layers of blankets while playing a game* grrrr

*Phone rings*

Whitney: Phone.....

*phone rings more*

Whitney: Phone!

*phone rings more*

Whitney: PHONE!!!!!!!!!!wait...I am the only one home XD * picks up the phone* mmm Elllooo?

Other line: * fast talking*

Whitney: Uh huh * totally not paying attention to the phone*

Other Line: * keeps talking fast*

Whitney: Uh huh.. really???

Other line: * starts yelling at someone for fighting in the office*

Whitney: x.x * gone deaf in her right ear* X.x I'll send their father over to get them

Other line: FATHER?!?!?!?!?!

Whitney: * hangs up the phone not even answering back*

Jason: * walking in with bags* Hey any calls?

Whitney: Yeah The kid's school called you need to pick them up.

Jason: o.O Why me?

Whitney: * glares*

Jason: ^.^''' ok ok ok ok ok x.x sheesss

*15 minutes later*

Jason: * walks into the school then into the office seeing all three kids in the office* O.O WHAT YOU THREE DO NOW!!!!!!

Sammie; * points to Aron* HE STARTED IT!!!

Aron: * points back* SHE TACKLED ME!!!

Jason: -.- And why are you in here Cesar?

Both Sammie and Aron: * looks at him*

Cesar: ^.^ I fell asleep.

Jason: -.-'''

Lady at front desk: Oh You must be their father!

Jason: o.o F..f....f...FATHER?!?!?!?!?!?!

* Back home*

Whitney: *Is in tears from laughing so hard*

Ghost: o.O


Megan: * walks out on the stage* ^.^ We are taken a short break so..erm... yeah....OH OH LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!* floats in the air* ^.^

*pure silence*

Megan: D: YOU'RE NO FUN! I SHALL SET YOU ON FIRE!!!!!* tries to them on fire but ends up changing them into flowers*o.O >.< Damn it!!!!

Sammie: * walks in* o.O what happen to them??

Megan: I tried to set them on fire it didn't work!!!

Sammie: o.O Is your wand set on passive???

Megan: o.o I've never thought of that XD * looks at it* O.O THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!* changed it to aggressive* MUHAHAHAHA* with a lightening bolt set everything on fire*

*30 minutes later*

Whitney: * looks at them* You just had to set the studio on fire???

Megan: ^.^ * covered in ashes* Yep!!!

Sammie: * clothes mildly burnt* ^.^ evil is good!!!!!

Whitney: * smacks self on her face* GAH!!!!
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Random Things That Happen Chapter 15
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